3D Pipes Screensaver

A golden oldie, the 3D Pipes screensaver, also know as "The plumber's nightmare" was included in most Windows versions until Windows XP. The original purpose of a screen saver animation was to prevent the burning of an image into the phosphor inside the cathode ray tube of the old CRT monitors after hours of the same image being shown.

The animation would show tangled colored pipes being drawn like snakes on a dark background. The screen was cleared after a while fading out the pipes or pixelating them. Some of you might have noticed a nice Windows easter egg when the joints were replaced by teapots or when pipes were painted as red and white candy canes.


Activate full screen to close this welcome window. If you spend more than five seconds in full screen mode and move the mouse the page will redirect to an interactive Windows XP screen. Exit full screen with the F11 keyboard button.

Click the 3D pipes to change the view. Enable mouse controls with the button below and drag the screen to change the view smoothly and use the scroll to zoom.